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Bluetooth smart watch phone
  • Product Category: Smart watch
  • Material: Plastic
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  • Supply Ability: 50000
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Product Details

Bluetooth 3.0 smart watch mobile phone

Product Function :

* Caller's name and number display
* Incoming vibration for alert
* Answer/ dailing/ hangup
* LED time display
* Far from radiation
* Anti-lost, 10 meters vibration warning
* Support earphone, mp3 play
* Online message notification
* Color: black、 white、red、gold               
* standby time: 72h
* Multi-language

 Notice :

1.Please keep the charging clamp and bracelet form an angle of 90 degrees when charging.

2.lf it cannot be connected with mobile phone or working properly, please reset or charge it.

3.Charge it timely to avoid power off and clock reset .

4.Maximum distance of two feet is 5cm, do not stretch the feet too far away to prevent fracture.


Charging  more than 2 hours for the first time.

When charging , the screen will display charging logo.

6.Power on and power off

Refer to diagram, up key is A key , down key is B key.

Non intelligent phone of Bluetooth version <2.1 will be required to input password, the password is “0000”.

7.lncoming calls reminder

lf  properly connected, bracelet will sustained vibrate when calls coming in.

lt  shows caller’s number or name when calls coming in. If you use apple series phone, the caller’s name will be displayed directly on the screen.

Double-click any key to stop the vibration or directly answer the phone.

Press any key for 3 seconds to reject calls.

8.Anti-lost reminder

When the bracelet is 10-20 meters away from the cell phone, bracelet will remind with vibrating, and once every 10 minutes.

When cell is connected, short press A key or B key to make the volume+/-

You can switch the sound between mobile devices and bracelet freely through the Bluetooth setting on mobile.

9.Dial out the last outgoing cell

Double-click A key or B key to Dial out the last outgoing call.

When lt shows “Call”, press any key can start to talk.

10.Hang up phone

Press the B key for 2 seconds, when active cell or outgoing cell, it hang up the phone;

 Model: BRACELET watch                  

      Battery: Lithium polymer

      Bluetooth version: V3.0

      Working voltage: 3.3v~4.2v

      Working current: 2.0~200 mA

      Charging time : 2h

      Stand-by time: 48h

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