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The development trend of mobile power charger

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The development trend of custom power bank products are: first, the pursuit of the appearance of miniaturization, the second is the pursuit of functional diversification. As for the appearance of miniaturization, reduction in certain cell volume (capacity) is necessary; and as functional diversity, using a color LCD especially when, it will accelerate the battery power consumption, and will greatly shorten the working time of the device. For a long time in the future, in order to greatly improve the battery capacity is almost impossible. Statistics show that the battery capacity increased by 20% every 10 years. Therefore, how to achieve the charge anytime, anywhere mobile digital products, power supplies, and extend the use of mobile digital products is the biggest problem facing the future of mobile users in digital products.

First of all, how to buy from power bank factory? Which brand is a good brand of mobile power? Usually travel, tourism, in order to avoid a power, mobile power has become a popular portable necessary in life. Have appeared on the market big brands external battery. Many consumers will consider the power conversion rate, to identify counterfeit products when moving power of life and how to buy. At the time of purchase, there are a few points are as follows:
1, choose well-known brands, and focus on protection. High quality mobile power should be self-test load, overload, short circuit protection, insulation protection; mobile power is the first step to ensure the well-known brands.
2, focusing on the power conversion rate, which is enough to choose the product that suits your device. Do not greedy high voltage and low prices, because supply general banking low prices, but many features will easily cause problems, voltage instability, or even an explosion. Select mobile power capacity based on the power consumption of the device. In general, the power supply to the bank 5000mAh 10000mAh can be charged over 5 to 6 times a smart phone or tablet, about 2 or 3 times. Recommend choosing the bank more than 70% power conversion rate.
3, purchase popular products, because universal mobile power are generally equipped with four or more adapters, all the charging mode. Charging Tablet PC or laptop, choose a current mobile power 2A.
Secondly, the number of required portable external battery cost?
It depends on the capacity of mobile power, mobile power, but also what battery made ​​of. On the Internet, many people say over to20000mAH 10000mAh external battery 7~8 yuan sold. It should be understood that this mobile power battery 18650 battery, and second hand batteries, no security guarantee, but a false capacity. Therefore, their low prices. It was suggested that consumers should not focus too much on price. Generally good product cost 14-70 U.S. dollars. It is focused on the mobile power measurement which brand is worth buying brand reputation and recommendations buyer is more important.
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4F/52Blg,3rd lndustrial Park of Bantian,LongGang District,Shenzhen,GuangDong,China
Tel: 86-755-28893216 13684910145
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