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Promote Your Business With Our Custom Power Bank Chargers

Author:Blue    Time:15/01/20    Click:
Personalized Power Bank Chargers will make the perfect gift: Our new promotional power bank charger which is for your tablet and cell phones is a must have for your logo this year. This could be one of the best investments you make all year!  Are you looking for new office gift ideas for your employees? Cell phones and tablets are easy marketing avenues as it is, but when it comes to accessories that you may need for your phone or tablet, you might run into a small curve on what is best!

But it is a fact that this advertising power bank charger is going to gain some major eye control! You don’t want to miss calls or even important date reminders because your cell phone or tablet went dead! Right? The majority of people take their phones with them every where they go. And if you take calls for work, use your tablet while on the job, it’s going to be extremely important to keep your electronics charged at all times. So get into the trend that is already happening and advertise your company name on these handy power bank chargers and hand them out as perfect corporate gifts!

The logo power bank charger features a USB output and Micro USB input, 2200 mah battery and charges the iphone 4, iphone 5, ipod, smart phones, MP3 players and more! Comes in some of the best bright colors of black, blue, green, purple, red and silver for your 1 color free logo. So gain customer loyalty this year from your clients and get them the power bank charger for all their gadgets on the go. Traveling will be more relaxing than ever before with this awesome rectangular hand held charger. Doesn’t use too much space and will fit in any of your compartments. Because you’re going to need it!

This product has already been a popular item to start off the new year among our customers here at The Executive Advertising, it already shows what is having an impact on use of consumers and company branding all around! So if you haven’t thought of it yet, give those the perfect gift of the promo power bank charger with the company name from our promotional electronic section because I’m pretty sure someone forgot to put their phone or tablet on a charger and it’s about to die! Clients will be reminded of you over and over again each time they go to charge their phone or tablet and be so grateful that you gave this extraordinary save the day product to them! And now life can go on!

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4F/52Blg,3rd lndustrial Park of Bantian,LongGang District,Shenzhen,GuangDong,China
Tel: 86-755-28893216 13684910145
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