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USB 3.0 Connector Power Bank For Benjamin Bortey

Author:Julian    Time:14/08/11    Click:
USB 3.0 POWER BANK FOR Benjamin Bortey
It is my honor to share the usb 3.0 power bank order to everybody here.
I am Julian from Shenzhen Sostar Electronic Co.,Ltd.
It was in the begin of June I received first e-mail from Mr. Benjamin Bortey in England, he was very interested in our 14000mAh and 18000mAh wallet power bank of our company, please see below pictures. He was also very careful about the shipping and payment items, I replied his e-mail one by one to let him know our considerate service from sample to mass production to payment. After learning about that, Mr Benjamin placed a sample order to us, and arranged payment to us after receiving our PI of the sample order. We did the sample as Mr. Benjamin’s request at once, especially in the logo , battery , gift package to meet the customer’s high quality request. Four days later, we sent the sample to Mr. Benjamin by fedex and inform him the fedex tracking no..
About one week later, I received an e-mail from Mr. Benjamin, he said the sample was good, but he wanted the usb connector to be 3.0. And he ordered usb 3.0 connector power bank in the next day. You know, usb 3.0 connector was not hot in the Shenzhen market.So our boss decided to do the usb 3.0 connector by ourselves. First, our technology designer drew the usb3.0 connector circuit diagram, and tested it for many times. Second, our sample maker do the sample, also did a lot of the charge-discharge cycle test and aging test. Although it took a little long time to do the second sample, the customer was also very happy when he received the sample and placed the initial order after successful test in his side.
The mass production went smoothly, and we finished the initial usb 3.0 connector power bank order last week. Thanks!
18000mAh white power bank 18000mAh witkey power bank gift box package
Best regards,
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